Reclaim. Reuse. Recycle.

Alchemy-Textiles uses high quality textile waste, diverted from landfill, to create a line of bags that are functional, stylish and unique. In doing so we strive to do our part to clean up the planet and inspire people to view waste differently. We hope that you will love your bag so much that you will wish to keep it forever! Read our story to learn how we can accomplish this together!

Designed With You in Mind.

No one wants a bag that looks good but doesn't hold everything you need to have with you! Alchemy-Textiles bags are designed to fit your carrying needs, whether you travel light, with just a phone to stay in touch, or need a full sized laptop with you at all times. Alchemy-Textiles bags are specifically designed to comfortably accommodate the technology you travel with.

Quality, Hand Made in the USA

Every Alchemy-Textiles bag is a unique hand made object, individually crafted, with care, from high quality materials in Athens, GA. Each has a distinctive character reflecting both the materials from which it is made and the creative process applied to the raw materials. That is why the label on each bag is individually numbered - there will never be another one like it. But all of our bags are built to last. When you find the one that speaks to your unique character, your Alchemy-Textiles bag will be with you for the long haul!

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Bags For All of Your Carrying Needs.

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